It was the weirdest feeling. A supreme sense of calm that permeated everything.

For those few minutes, everything else was gone. The stress at work. Of to-do lists that never shorten … that just kept getting longer, even with the late hours put in. The anxiety of driving for a week with a almost-broken car, a waiting for an appointment with a distracted repair shop. The fear that I am doing life wrong. Not savvy enough, not wise enough. Running on a hamster wheel when everyone else has figured out a different way.

I’d just spent two hours catching up with girls from last year’s Bible study. Then driving back together, our carpool duo, we talked, shared stories, caught up on life. And we prayed for each other.

Sitting in a parked car. At dusk. Each praying for the other–that God would address her worries, fears. That she would keep him central in her life and seek his is will for her, above all else.

Something special happens when a friend prays for you, one on one. When they bring your hurt, pain and fears to God — and asks him to guide your steps.

I left that car with an incredible peace. A sense of joy and calm. And I didn’t want it to go away.

It vanished soon enough. I tried everything I could to hold onto that feel: listening to music–old hymns, upbeat praise music, Gregorian chants. I tried lying on the grass in my back yard, staring up at the stars, gazing off into the calm and quiet night. But nothing worked. That feeling of peace just kept fading and fading. Soon it was gone.

I wanted that feeling back. But how?

The next day, I relayed all of this to my brother indignently. Why did that feeling of peace go away? How do I hold onto it?

He stared at me for a second. That feeling of peace isn’t what you should be chasing, anyway, he told me. What you felt was the result of praying and drawing close to God. Don’t chase after the feeling. Focus on the thing that caused you to feel it in the first place.

You know the feeling you get when someone just drops a ton of wisdom on you? Pointing out something you had no idea about, but an answer that makes perfect sense? Yep. That was me right. My little brother is pretty cool.

Something special happens when we pray for each other. Out loud. Together. Two people lifting each other’s worries up before God: praying for his guidance and direction on each other’s lives.

I’ve prayed in groups plenty of times before, but I’ve never for a friend regularly quite like this.

It is really a beautiful thing to experience. Prayer. Fellowship. Being sisters in Christ. I never really understood it before. But I have really been missing out.

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