IMG_3458At the start of the labyrinth, you feel like it’s center is so close to you. You can see it. It’s only a few feet away, really. Sure, you know the path you need to take to get you there is long and winding. But it still, looks so close.

But the longer you walk, the farther away the center feels. In reality, you know that each step is bringing you closer to the center, but why does it feel like you’re so far away? And then, when you feel farthest, you suddenly realize that the center is just a few more swirls and steps away.

Doesn’t our faith journey feel like that sometimes? Everything seems so simple when we first start out. We know we don’t understand everything, but we feel like we’ve pretty much got it. Then the longer we walk, the more twists and turns we encounter, the more we realize we really don’t have a clue. God is so huge and powerful, and we understand so little about him in the grand scheme of things. The longer we journey, the more we realize that we don’t know. And the more we realize how much we need to rely on God.

Walking the labyrinth, you can feel like you’re almost going in circles. Turn one way; then turn another. Again and again. You think you’re going somewhere, and then it ends up that the path is taking you in an entirely different direction.

As you journey through life, expect twists and turns along the way. You get through one, and there might be another one ahead. One after another after another. Then you might not have any for a while. But they will come again. Sometimes by themselves, sometimes in waves. Life is full of twists and turns. It doesn’t mean your life is falling apart. It is simply the geography of the path along which you are walking.

For a time, you might feel like you are off on the outer edges. Far away from the center; far away from the place you are trying to go. But you won’t stay on the edges forever. Enjoy that part of the journey, but know it is not the end. God will bring you back to HisĀ center eventually.

IMG_3461Sometimes on the journey, you’ll be alone. Sometimes there will be people with you. You’ll be walking very close to them at times, and very far at others. Your paths will converge and diverge at different times. Each of you are walking along your own journey, and your paths intertwine with others, though rarely will you be walking side by side the entire time.

At times, you’ll wonder if you somehow got lost. If you took a misstep. If you’re ever going to get where you’re going.

Then it’s there. Right in front of you. A 360 degree view of the world: God’s work all around you. God’s beauty all around you.

Walking back, you take the same steps with a new perspective. You take the same curves, turns and bends with a new view. A new experience. A new understanding of the bigger picture than you had the first time around.

All in all, as we continue on in the long, windy, impossible-to-predict yet so very beautiful journey of life: TRUST IN GOD and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Those are our two guiding directions. He will direct our steps. He will make our paths straight. We just need to believe and step forward in faith.

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