God Can Use Your Skills and Gifts, Whatever They Are

Next Sunday, I’ll be showing people at church how to fold origami cranes.

Weird, right? We’re folding cranes as an illustrative point for our new sermon series. And you know what? I happen to be pretty great at folding origami cranes. So next Sunday, I’ll put this random, weird skill to use.

For the longest time, I didn’t feel “good” enough to volunteer or serve in my church. That was something that people more extraverted, social, or specifically talented and skilled had to offer.

But me? I didn’t really have much to offer. I wasn’t good with kids. I wasn’t good at teaching. Or leading a small group. Or singing. Or playing an instrument. Or doing sound. I didn’t have much to give.

I wrote earlier about how I’ve discovered that serving in church isn’t as intimidating as I’d thought. How God can use the things that I’m good at (like making lattes–thanks, college job working part-time at Starbucks!) for His Kingdom. I don’t have to feel bad for not being an super-involved, super-volunteery uber Christian. God can find ways to use what I have to offer. My job is to show up and be available. He takes over from there.

Today, I had that experience again.

I fold cranes all the time. While watching TV at home. While transcribing interviews at work. I make cranes out of candy wrappers, soda wrappers, coupons, post-it notes…any sort of paper I can get my hands on.

You can find them on my desk. In my room. Between the cushions of my couch. You get the picture. I like to fold paper cranes. And it just so happens that my church is doing a sermon series called “Beneath the Cranes.” (It refers to construction cranes, but we’re adding paper cranes into that, because they’re prettier than a bunch of cold steel.)

Next week, a group of people will be learning to fold cranes–then stringing them around the church. And as one of our congregations resident experts on folding paper to look like colorful little birds, I have been tapped to help teach people how to fold paper cranes.

Never in a million years would I have thought my quirky little habit would be useful to my church. But apparently, in this instance, it can be.

So that begs the question: What is your origami crane? What random, weird, or oddball skill do you have that could be put to work for God’s Kingdom?

What skills do you possess — something you do every day — that are unique or different? They might be highly practical or they might be impractical.

But God can use them. He is fully capable of finding ways to use your skills, talents and gifts for His purposes … not matter how weird or mundane those skills might be.

So this week, what if you prayed that God would show you what skills you could be using for Him? Keep an eye out and an ear open for opportunities to serve. And pray that God would show you opportunities to serve him.

Because if my random, weird (and seemingly pointless) skill of folding cranes can be put to work–I’m pretty sure God has a thing or two he could be using you for.

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