Do You Hate Your Sin?

Christians don’t like to talk about sin. Nobody wants to be a holier-than-thou hypocrite who pretends they have it all together while relentlessly judging other people on every little thing.

There are plenty of hypocrite Christians around. And if Jesus were on earth, he’d be the first to call them out.

But here’s the thing. In my efforts to avoid being one of THEM, I sort of ignore talking or thinking about sin at all.

And I don’t realize how much I mess up. It’s strange, because some of my favorite Christian leaders are the ones who freely admit how imperfect they are. How they mess up. How they fail.

But me? I don’t really think about my the things I do wrong.

About a month ago, I started making a weekly list of things to confess. (Things I’d done that were against God’s instructions for how to avoid hurting myself or other people).

Spoiler alert: I quickly discovered that I mess up a lot more than I realize.

The list changes week to week. But themes are definitely emerging.

This week, my Bible study leader asked this question…and it seemed so straightforward at first. “Do you hate your sin?” Of course! It’s bad. Why would I not hate when I do something wrong?

And then I took two seconds to seriously consider the question. No, actually. If I really hated my sin, I probably wouldn’t do it as much.

I know sin is bad, in the abstract. When other people’s sin hurts me, I can identify it their lives right away.

But my sin? It’s not really a huge deal. Right now, the one I’m most struggling with is lust. And do I hate when I give in to it? Honestly, no.

It’s all in my head, so it’s not hurting anyone. And in the grand scheme of things, I could be doing something so much worse. To be honest, I don’t have much motivation to change.

The reality is, lust seems harmless at first. But it easily grows to hurt you and other people.

And there are plenty of reasons why focusing only on work is harmful. How many amazing things am I missing out on if I only have time for my job?

Too often, we ignore and justify and minimize and forget our sin, until it’s grown so big that it’s destroying us and people around us.

The moment I don’t think I have a problem, THAT IS A PROBLEM.

If I really care about not being a hypocrite, it might help to be more aware of my own mistakes.

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