A God Who Heals

Sometimes people die. Unexpectedly.
Sometimes everybody keeps getting cancer.
Sometimes fear and hate are winning
in our whole world.
And working hard doesn’t guarantee progress.

Sometimes you’re exhausted.
Tired of mourning.
Tired of patience.
Ready for peace.
Ready for answers.

And then God comes in and says,
“Hey, remember that chain you’ve been bound by for 15 years?
The one you’ve fought hard and almost conquered…
other than the fact that you still carry it with you every day,
you’ve just gotten really good and saying, looking, and acting fine,
so well that you’ve almost convinced yourself
that the hold is still has on you is normal?

You know that chain? I am breaking it.
Right now.
I am healing you. Now.
Because I love you.
And I want you to be healed.


Not bound by any chain. Even the ones that have bound you tightest
have cut you deepest
that hurt the most.”

This is what it feels like
to be whole.

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