Today, I Made Musubi

I’m taking a (very much needed) break from social media, which means I don’t have any place to post this photo of musubi I made this morning for a work party. So I’m sharing it here. Because I love sushi, and this is the first time I’ve actually made musubi. むすびを食べて?

IMG_1311I haven’t been posting much lately, but it’s mostly because I’ve been focusing on how to better live out faith with action — which leaves a lot less time for writing. Ideally, I’d get to do a lot of both.

Right now, my church and work are both talking a lot about racial disparities — how they directly impact our work and communities, how we’re perpetuating systems without realizing it, and how we can be more intentional about understanding the experiences of, and sharing power with, people on the margins. It is an amazing and exciting time to be in both spaces, but also time-consuming and tiring.

I’ve been thinking about these concepts much longer than some around me, which puts me in a strange place of having unique insight to offer, but being very aware that there is still a ton more about marginalization and it’s effects on people, systems, and societies that I don’t understand. I have so much more to learn.

I’m a part of communities that care deeply about people on the margins, but are overall just beginning to realize our need to not just read, talk, and discuss academically, but step outside of our familiar spaces and focus on relationships — not needing people on the margins to teach us about the margins — but forming friendships and doing the work of understanding racial disparities in systems on our own, instead of asking to be guided through it. I’m sure I could write a ton of reflections on this, but I don’t quite feel in the space to write this as an expert.

For now, I’m actively seeking to listen to the voices of people of color, learning from people on the margins, trying to find new ways of seeing the world through their eyes — especially in the many realities associated with marginalization that I haven’t directly experienced.

This isn’t my time to write about that. It’s my time to act — to help create spaces for multicultural dialogue, to find ways to share the power and influence I have in my spheres, and to invest in friendships. This is my time to learn. I’m excited to get back to writing about faith, culture, and all the things I’m passionate about. But for now, my time feels best spent elsewhere.

But I did just make some pretty tasty むすび. And isn’t that what a lot of people post on the internet? Photos of food they just cooked?

So here is my むすび. I’m pretty excited to eat it later.

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