15 Tweets About Food — and the Weird Things I Eat

I love writing on And Then There’s Beth, but sometimes sitting down and composing full paragraphs just takes too much freaking time. Luckily, there’s Twitter.

I tweet about a lot of things — from faith to racism/privilege to pop culture. Here are 15 tweets about food, but just to warn you: my favorite things are a bit weird.

15. But, really, is there anything that couldn’t be made better with a bit of sriracha?

14. The day I discovered purple kale:

13.Β Life is full of choices.

12. Some days, my life is particularly great.

11. That one time my brother, sister, and Seattle-based cousins visited their parents, and we couldn’t find purple kale anywhere.

10. Holiday break. Also, me at some point during at least 40% of my weekends.

9. Like you do.

8. This is probably one of the most “me” things I have ever tweeted.

7. No comment.

6. Update: No longer making my own kombucha. Mostly because:

5. But look at how beautiful it is…

4. I try to aim for a balanced diet.

3. I’ve eaten a sushi burrito. So I say this from experience:

2. You’d think I’d eventually stop doing this. Nope.

1. But actually, though.

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