22 Tweets on Faith: Strangely Simple, But So Tough Sometimes

I love to write about faith. And Then There’s Beth is a mix of all the things I love to think about: from pop culture to social justice, but the vast majority of what I write about has to do with Christianity and spiritual growth. Here are 22 tweets about faith that never made it to a full post.

22. My entire spiritual journey, in 17 words:

21. Also, this:

20. “Blessed are the poor in spirit … those who mourn … who hunger and thirst for righteousness .. the merciful …”

19. A couple years ago, I decided it’d be fun to start doing more in my church.

18. Why is church involvement put on such a weird pedestal? I might have gotten involved earlier if I’d realized how (difficult, yes, but oddly) simple it is.

17. Reason #9786754 I love my church:

16. What? Patience? Ugh.

15. Sometimes people die; the very best people. But I’ve felt oddly connected to them in during Communion — both informal and formal — in a way I can’t articulate well, but never want to give up, ever.

14. Yep. Again, yep.

13. Me — more often than I’d like — after I decided I wanted to start trying spiritual disciplines:

12. Do you ever feel like a certain author just gets you?

11. More often than I tend to realize.

10. Accurate:

9. More of this, please.

8. Ecumenism. One of my favorite things. And so rare, in many religious spaces.

7. WHY don’t we talk about this more??

5.  I. Really. Love. The. Importance. Of. Doubt. In. Faith.

4. This, though:

3. One of the most simple explanations I’ve ever read.

2. One of my favorite quotes about life on this earth — where God’s future of wholeness and healing is already here — but at the same time, not yet come.

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