9 Tweets From My First Semester of Seminary


I’m home in Seattle after finishing my first semester of seminary. And now that I’m officially 1/6 of the way done with my Master of Divinity, I thought I’d take the time to summarize my past semester with some of the tweets that best summarize it.

9. 😬

8. And on a related note…

7. Most important thing I’ve learned in seminary so far:

6. I mean … this, though.

5. Any time I get stressed about school, I just remember:

4. No longer doing social media for work everyday, but:

3. Hey, academia. Can we talk about this more?

(Also, this is referring to Protestants and also to people who are white in general. It’s two separate thoughts that can often intersect, and I didn’t explain it well. 😓)

2. Heh

1. Ah, church…

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