cropped-10406716_10153411330057837_4739566838832978311_n.jpgSometimes I feel like I’m a total Seattle cliche. I drink coffee constantly. I love running in the rain. And I spend way too much of my disposable income on cold-pressed kale juice.

At age 25, I had my obligatory “quarter-life crisis” … which I’m still not sure is an actual thing, just more of a privileged invention of the Buzzfeed generation. But I had one, for sure. I quit my job at a web startup to work for a local nonprofit. To help people! To make a difference in the world. To do something that mattered.

So now, I’m a five years into my happily ever after. I just moved across the country to being a Master of Divinity program. I’m early in the process of pursuing ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA). And I’m still not sure where I fit in.

I love television, media, Hollywood. I love pop culture. I also care passionately about my Christian faith–on working to have a relationship with God that is life-shaping, raw, deep, vulnerable and real. On social issues, I’m more liberal than what most people assume. I take faith and my beliefs seriously. I’m still learning, growing. But I want to talk. To discuss. To learn. To grow.

There are those on the right. Those on the left. Conservatives. Liberals. And then there’s Beth.

I’m still not sure where I fit in. But I’m in the long, continual process of figuring life out. And I’m really enjoying myself along the way.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a great About! “Figuring life out” is likely to be a forever (on earth) deal, I think–as I’m nearly 64 and still working on it! And we are “neighbors”–I’m in Lynnwood. God bless you most abundantly.


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