When God Gets Your Attention with Curly Fries

Do you ever have moments when you notice God trying to get your attention? Not “GOD IS SPEAKING TO ME” in a tangible, audible way. I’ve always found that idea a little misleading. For me, it’s been when my self-focused life is interrupted by a feeling. A presence. Where I’m suddenly hit with a reminder that the world doesn’t revolve around me. … More When God Gets Your Attention with Curly Fries

“He Is Gone”

I was Saturday night. My brothers, sister, and I had spent the day together. We’d cooked dinner, and were kicking back with a favorite comedy. Just as my sister and I were thinking about heading home, it happened. “Oh, that’s a sad text message.” My brother’s voice. I whipped my head up, looked at him, then rushed for my phone. I … More “He Is Gone”